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Commissions in Bronze

Situated in the rural countryside of Northamptonshire, Helen makes portrait heads, busts and sculptures of animals. A personally commissioned bronze sculpture will make an exceptionally special gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding. The casting process for bronze takes time, so book ahead to avoid disappointment. From start to finish you will need 16-18 weeks in total. Portraits normally take between 3-5 weeks to sculpt, depending on the subject. Animals would take up to 3 weeks to complete in clay. It usually takes up to 13 weeks for the casting process to be completed at a foundry, regardless of whether it is a portrait or an animal, although this may increase during busy periods leading up to Christmas or exhibitions.

During the initial consultation for a portrait, measurements and photographs are taken. Normally one to three sittings are scheduled to work on the clay alongside the sitter. However this can be omitted if necessary. The customer will be consulted during the sculpting process and on final completion of sculpture in clay to make sure that they are happy for it to proceed to the foundry to start the bronze casting process.

Once the piece is finished in bronze the sculptor will oversee the patination of the bronze to make sure that the client’s preferred colour is applied. Most sculptures are mounted on a marble or stone base, unless the nature of  the sculpture allows it to stand alone.


The price of a commissioned bronze portrait ranges from £4500 - £6500 depending on whether the sculpture is a half, three quarters or life size portrait of a child or an adult. Also whether it includes the head and neck or extends to the shoulders or chest. The price would include a base and the portrait would be firmly mounted on this. Insurance and delivery costs are not included. Prices for animal sculptures would depend on the size and would need to be discussed with the client.

Commissions in Ceramic

Portraits and animal sculpture can often be sculpted in clay and fired in a kiln to produce a ceramic. This is obviously not as indestructible as bronze and has it’s limits, but depending on the complexity of the piece, can be a cheaper alternative.


Most prices of ceramics will be at least half of the price of a bronze, sometimes cheaper and will really depend on the how complex the piece is.


These options can be discussed on order and will depend on the weight of the sculpture and region.


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